Mobile – Kärkimedia

Kärkimedia is a premium mobile advertising network—bringing together advertisers, online advertising agencies and all main newspaper publishers in Finland.

Our mobile network includes 32 mobile news sites and it reaches nationwide over 2 million Finnish in a week.

Mobile campaigns can be bought as site-targeted or run-of-network. For media agencies, we also offer the opportunity to make deal ID contracts for programmatic buying.

  1. Flexible campaign period
  2. 32 mobile news sites
  3. Minimum 3 sites per campaign is required
  4. Variety of targeting options (such as site-targeting, day-of-week-targeting, hour-of-day-targeting and targeting according to visitors' demographics or interests)
  5. CPM pricing
  6. Minimum price for campaign 1.000 € net

Material specifications

Online advertising material can be delivered in picture- (jpg, gif ja png) or HTML5. Also a 3rd party tag can be delivered.

As the browser’s support to Flash has clearly weakened, we recommend animated/functional materials to be made in HTML5 form.

URL address is also needed, to which the ad is linked to. It has to be opened in a new window.

As materials should be tested on most common web browsers (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari). If the ad is shown through the tag, it may only be shown with browsers and operating systems it has been tested on.

Material delivery

Ad materials have to be delivered in given time:

  • Ready made materials at least 4 working days before the start of the campaign
  • Other materials at least 5 working days before the start of the campaign

The delivery address for ad material or tag:

Along with the material, the following identifying information is to be provided:

  • Name of advertiser and contact information (telephone number and email of the material deliverer)
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign time period
  • Amount of ad impressions
  • List of sites booked for the campaign
  • Ad format
  • (Targeting criteria)
  • Landing page URL address

Terms of sales

Unless otherwise agreed, these terms and conditions apply to all media sales agreements concerning Kärkimedia’s products and services.

In general

Digital campaigns should include at least three news sites from two market areas.

Campaign duration

Campaign period is flexible and it may vary.

A media visibility will be valid for the agreed period of time but no longer than one (1) calendar year. The advertisements will be placed in their spaces by 10 a.m. on the first day of the agreed media visibility period, unless otherwise agreed. Weekly campaigns run from Monday to Sunday, unless otherwise agreed.


Pricing for basic online campaigns are based on the valid rate card. Any special advertising solutions, additional elements and their effect on the price are always negotiated separately.

The minimun price for online campaign is 1.000 € net.

The Publisher has the right to change its prices at any given time. Any changes in prices will take effect no sooner than during the calendar month that follows thirty (30) days after the date of the announcement. The price changes will concern agreements that are made after the publication of the price announcement.

The prices announced are exclusive of VAT. The Publisher will add VAT to the prices according to the VAT rate as it stands at any given time, in addition to any statutory taxes and fees related to publishing operations and revenues from advertisements and announcements. These will be specified as separate items on the invoice.


Kärkimedia issues discounts on various grounds. Discounts are exclusive of one another, unless otherwise agreed by means of an agreement between the parties.

Clients are granted a annual agreement discount based on the entire net volume for the agreement period. Media agency discounts on gross prices may be granted to media agencies that have made an agreement with Kärkimedia. In such cases, the media agency is responsible for the content of the material and for paying for the advertising.

Confirmation for online campaigns

Online campaigns must be confirmed no later than five (5) days before their beginning. If a campaign is not confirmed by the time limit, the reservation will be cancelled.

Cancellation of campaigns

If confirmed campaign is cancelled

  • less than 5 working days before campaign starts, 50% of the campaign net price will be invoiced
  • less than 2 working days before campaign starts, 100% of the campaign net price will be invoiced


Online campaigns will be invoiced at the end of the campaign based on the delivered ad impressions.

Terms of payment

The payment term is 14 days net, which is counted from the invoicing date. The penalty interest is 8,5 %. The advertiser/client are jointly liable for making payments.

Claims on invoices are to be made within eight days of the invoice date.

Verification and impression guarantee for online campaigns

The campaigns are verified using Kärkimedia’s advertising management system. The system does not take account of cookie errors.

Impression guarantee for CPM-based campaigns:

  • If the total number of impressions for the campaign is lower than 95% of the number of impressions purchased, either the campaign will be continued until the required number of impressions is reached or the Client will be refunded for the missing impressions in the form of ad impressions in their next campaign.
  • If the number of impressions is less than five (5) per cent lower than the targeted number of impressions, the Client will not be refunded for the missing displays.
  • If the Client’s Material is submitted late, Kärkimedia will not be required to fulfil the display guarantee.



All Material must be submitted in accordance with the medium-specific schedules and instructions for submitting materials.

If the Material is not submitted or prepared in line with the instructions, if it is delayed or if it is technically unsuitable or questionable in terms of content, the Publisher will not guarantee that the advertisement will be published or that the campaign will begin at the desired time. In such cases, the visibility of the campaign will be reduced proportionately to the length of the delay.

If the Publisher does not have access to the Material at the time required by the schedule but nevertheless decides to publish the advertisement, the Publisher will not be liable for any deficiencies in the appearance of the advertisement. In such cases, the Publisher is also entitled to place the advertisement in a space different from what was agreed.

The Publisher will not be liable for any damage arising from the decision not to publish an erroneous advertisement or from the publication of the advertisement on a date other than the agreed publication date due to deficient Material.

The Publisher cannot guarantee that a report can be generated for an online campaign if the Material is submitted late or if deficient Material is submitted.

In above described cases, the full price (100%) will be invoiced even if the visibility of the advertisement or campaign is limited, its appearance is deficient or it is placed in a space different from what was agreed. An additional fee for expedited processing will be charged if the Material is submitted after the time limit specified for materials. In addition, any cost of adjustment concerning the Material will be charged. If the Publisher needs to make changes or corrections to the Material submitted, the work will be charged at an hourly rate in accordance with the medium-specific price list.

If the Material causes technical problems during an online campaign in a Medium, the Publisher has the right to replace the Material with a GIF version or completely remove it from the Medium or Media.

Competing advertisements in Media

The Publisher is entitled to place advertisements by competing companies in the same section of the Medium without prior announcement. Due to the confidentiality of customer relationships and the limited number of advertising spaces, the Publisher cannot provide advance information about competitors’ campaigns. Clients will not be refunded for any overlapping campaigns.

These terms and conditions will be valid until further notice.