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Advertising in newspapers is a fastest way to reach Finns. There are several ways to run a campaign in print.

If you need to publish an advert on a specific date, you choose a fixed day. If you are planning to run a brand campaign, and your advert does not need to be published an a certain date, then you choose  more affordable Floating product.

Fixed Day

With Kärkimedia Fixed Day, you can publish your advertisement on specific dates selected by you, in publications and sections of your choice and in your desired size. You can vary the published material in a manner where half of the advertisement is a part of the same national campaign. Translation to Swedish-speaking publications is free of charge.

Floating Products

The Floating Product is suitable when your campaign does not need to be published on a certain fixed day. You can select the publishing period, from three, seven or 14-days, in which the advert will be published.

With Floating Products, you can reach national visibility, or in just the regions where your busines is located. You can choose a Floating Product period and ad size for each newspaper.

Kärkimedia Supplement

Kärkimedia Supplement is a significant part of the content of the publication. It is also effortless, since you receive an ad space, distribution and pressing at the same location. Compared to direct advertising, the advantage of being attached to a publication means that it always makes it directly onto the table, since an ordered publication is not directly placed in the newsprint bin.

Included in the price is visibility in our tablet publication editions (not incl. Helsingin Sanomat, Etelä-Saimaa, Kouvolan Sanomat and Kymen Sanomat).

Material guidelines

The artwork is uploaded to the newspapers  via the material link.

The link will automatically be sent to the material provider’s email when the order is made to Putki (Kärkimedia Booking System). The notification will be sent 14 days prior the first release date of the campaign.

The artwork can be uploaded directly after you have received the link. If needed, you can replace the material via the link, which is active until the material delivery deadline.

The finalized material should be a ready-to-newsprint PDF format that contains all the elements included in the artwork: text, images, graphics, and fonts. In the material, the pdf measurements should be the same as the size of the booking in our Kärkimedia booking system Putki.

During the upload the system will check the artwork, and notify immediately of possible defects. When everything is in order the material will be delivered to the newspapers.

The system will automatically send a reminder and the link for uploading two days (or 2 hours) before the ad delivery deadline. The reminder will be sent only in cases where material has not been delivered.

The material can be uploaded on weekdays from 7.00-22.00.

The deadline for material upload is one day before the release date by 12 o´clock via the link. After the deadline  you will no longer be able to upload the material. In case of past deadline, Kärkimedia Customer Service can reactivate the link if necessary.

Inquiries related to the material link:, tel. +358 75 757 8555.

Inquiries related to bookings:, tel. +358 75 757 8550

Material Guidelines for Ads

Material must be in ready-to-newsprint PDF format. See material requirements (PDF).


If there is any questions about delivering or making the material, please mail


Publ. date Booking deadline Material deadline
Monday Friday 9 am Friday 12 pm
Tuesday Monday 9 am Monday 12 pm
Wednesday Tuesday 9 am Tuesday 12pm
Thursday Wednesday 9 am Wednesday 12pm
Friday Thursday 9 am Thursday 12pm
Saturday Friday 9 am Friday 12pm
Sunday Friday 9 am Friday 12pm


The following exceptions are in place: special locations, weekly publications and exceptional publishing dates, which have separate publishing schedules. Ask about more specific schedule information from the service centre, tel. 075 757 8550 or

Exceptions in publishing dates

In the below file, you can find exceptions to publishing dates and prices of the publications.