Newspaper strengths – Kärkimedia
Media market in Finland

According to Finnish respondents, the newspapers’ strengths consist of trustworthy and specialised news, diverse content, the ability to read the publication both in print and digitally, and their advertisement content.

  • 95 % of newspapers are distributed first thing in the morning home to subscribers.
  • Kärkimedia represents the biggest newspapers in their respective market areas.
  • Newspapers is the fastest way to cover Finland in one day and activate purchasing intentions among Finns.
  • Kärkimedia newspapers are strongly local representatives of their own regions.
  • The reader relationship is close-knit. More than 70 % of readers read their paper every single day.
  • Finns prefer to get the newspaper delivered to their home in the morning.

Newspapers position as the most prefered media is getting stronger

Newspapers readers are most amenable to advertising

Reading is diversifying, and newspapers reach Finns in all channels