Fixed-date products

Fixed-date products allow you to publish your advertisement on a specific date in the newspapers and sections of your choice and in your preferred size.

Floating products 

Kärkimedia’s floating products allow you to choose a time period for the publication of your advertisement.


A supplement included with a newspaper is part of the content, and it can have a life-span of several days. Supplements have a high attention value: they are noticed by up to 90% of the audience.


Multi-channel solutions

Multi-channel solutions offer a combination of print and digital advertising. “Automatically multi-channel solution” refers to print advertising that includes visibility in digital channels without an additional cost. Multi-channel solution bought separately” refers to solutions that are offered as packages, but the print and digital visibility are bought separately. Multi-channel solutions include following print sizes: front page, full page and half page.



Regional campaigns are the best way to buy space in Kärkimedia’s advertising network when you want to choose specific websites and regions where your advertisements will be shown. These campaigns allow you to adapt your advertisement for each region. Minimum of 3 medias are required.

RON campaigns offer online advertising across Kärkimedia’s advertising network. These campaigns are a good choice when your message does not need to be targeted at specific regions or websites and when you are instead looking for an easy and cost-efficient way to gain nationwide visibility.

Targeted campaigns offer targeted advertising based on the demographics or interests of your audience across Kärkimedia’s advertising network. These campaigns are a good choice when your message has a clear target audience and you are looking for nationwide visibility. We use Relevant Audience data

Programmatic advertising is the use of automated technology for media buying. Our programmatic network includes 13 sites that can be bought through deal ID or open auction.

Native advertising refers to sponsored content with a format and tone that are as close to traditional newspaper content as possible.


Digital Edition

Digital edition refers to online versions of print newspapers; a digital edition can be simply a digitalized copy of the print edition, or it can offer the content of the print version in a format that has been adapted for digital devices. All digital editions are paid content that can only be accessed by subscribers. Transition advertisements in digital editions are always shown 100% in-screen, which means that they are always seen by real users and that they are always shown full screen.