Kärkimedia briefly

Local knowledge, national influence!

Kärkimedia briefly

Kärkimedia is a sales and marketing organisation jointly owned by 34 newspapers, each the largest in its region. Our aim is to sell, market and develop newspapers as a medium.

We offer our clients a centralised and cost-effective way to purchase national or regional newspaper advertising campaigns through a single point of contact. Through us, you can purchase advertisements and sponsored content in the print and digital editions and on the websites of all of our 33 newspapers.

We also offer other solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, including extensive research and consulting services, personalised campaign planning and ideation and comparative advertising analytics.  We offer advertisers and media agencies a complete booking system for advertising materials.

Local knowledge, national influence!

2.8 million Finns read Kärkimedia’s newspapers in either print or digital form every day. We provide the best way to reach consumers both nationally and regionally – from Helsinki to rural areas.

A strong local and regional emphasis is one of the main strengths of Kärkimedia’s newspapers. Local newspapers have a unique place in the communities they serve: they are seen as particularly important, and they are loved by their readers.

  • They are a reliable source of local and national news and talking points.
  • They provide a sense of familiarity and community. They feature familiar advertisers, familiar faces and up-to-date news.
  • Thanks to digital channels, the relationship between newspapers and their readers is more participatory and interactive than ever before.

Easy for advertisers

Kärkimedia provides easy access to all media and channels in one place:

  • Reservations for bookings, materials, reporting and invoicing for all 34 media.
  • Possibility to purchase national or regional campaigns that include all channels.
  • Centralised approach brings savings and cost-efficiency.
  • Research services can provide extensive data, e.g. on the effectiveness of your campaign, as well as on Finnish consumer behaviour in various situations and settings.

Kärkimedia Print and Digital Coverage

You can find more detailed print and digital coverage information here.