Newspaper media in Finland

Newspaper media in Finland

Using a media that is valued and liked by readers has a positive impact on the effectiveness of advertising. Newspaper advertising provides an effective means to reach large audiences, and advertisements are seen as a natural part of the content.

As the amount of time spent with different types of newspaper content increases, these audiences are exposed to advertisements repeatedly through various channels and the reach is increased. This means that the advertisements will get noticed more, and they will therefore be more effective in engaging consumers. The advertiser’s brand will be in safe hands as their advertisements will always appear alongside reliable news content. This is also where most readers prefer to consume advertising content.

1. Biggest advertising media.

  • In 2021, as in previous years, more advertising funds were allocated to newspapers than any other medium.
  • The role and importance of newspapers as an advertising tool are particularly strong in Finland. In 2021, the proportion of advertising budgets spent on (print and digital) newspapers was 27 per cent (Kantar).

2. Most trusted media in Finland.

  • Newspapers are seen as a reliable medium, especially among the 18–24 age group, with 88 per cent saying that they trust newspapers. The strong reputation of newspapers as a reliable medium is particularly significant, considering that Finns have reported that trustworthiness is the most important aspect of any news medium. Almost nine in ten Finns (89 per cent) share this view (IRO Tuhat suomalaista 2020).
  • The bond between print and digital newspapers and their readers is very strong​. Local newspapers have a unique place in the communities they serve: they are seen as particularly important, and they are loved by their readers. Our local newspaper tells us what is going on locally and nationally, nearby and further afield.

3. Finns have an active interest in both print and digital newspaper content.

  • 2.8 million people in Finland read Kärkimedia’s newspapers in either print or digital form every day.

Studies on newspaper readers and the effectiveness of newspaper media

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